Terms and Conditions

This is a place: 

-to learn and to get advice

-to find belonging and camaraderie

-to vent, relax, and laugh with others who get it

-to find shelter and comfort in the storm that is modern nonprofit marketing

Your presence here tells us you are serious about your personal and professional growth. 

We insist that you use your real name as a condition of participation so that you can build genuine relationships with colleagues. You may not participate as an organization. 

If you are a consultant, you may not do research here (e.g. ask people to take your survey or contribute quotes or stories for your content) or promote your products, services, training, blog posts, etc. 

No solicitations. Do not ask for donations, money, business, free consulting services, or for someone to do your job for you.

No harassment, bullying, gaslighting, and the like.  We have a zero-tolerance policy and will not hesitate to remove you and your content.

No fake or duplicate profiles. One profile per person and it best be the real you.

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