What's Inside

Every nonprofit wants to raise awareness at some level. But what does that mean exactly? How do you create a plan that sets you up for real success, rather than wasting your time and money on vague “awareness” activities that really get you nowhere? We’ll show you how in our free e-course!

  • The five steps to creating an awareness plan that actually works

  • Understanding what “raising awareness” really means

  • Putting awareness raising in the context of other goals, like fundraising or program participation

  • Knowing and answering the most important questions for any awareness raising campaign

  • Our favorite calls to action for awareness campaigns

  • How to apply social science research to your campaign so people will participate and remember

  • Deciding which communications tactics to use

  • Deciding how to measure your success

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Starting the Course

    • Before We Begin . . .

    • The Five Steps to Raising Awareness

  • 2

    Five Steps to Raising Awareness

    • Step 1: See What Leaders See

    • Step 2: Know the End Game

    • Step 3: Answer Basic Questions

    • Another Great Call to Action for Raising Awareness: Join the Fight

    • Step 4: Apply Some Social Science

    • Social Science Graphics

    • Step 5: Create a Plan

    • Measuring Whether You've Raised Awareness

    • Planning Worksheet for Raising Awareness

  • 3

    Finishing the Course

    • Let's Check In Again . . .

    • Take the Quiz to Earn the Certificate