Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Companion Workbook!

    • How to Use the Worksheets

  • 2

    Worksheets for Part One

    • Embracing a Content Marketing Approach to Your Communications

    • Finding Your Nonprofit's Marketing Maturity Level

    • Getting Focused on Your PSIs

    • Communicating to Four Different Generations

    • Communicating to Inner Angels and Inner Bookkeepers

    • Planting the Flag: Prioritizing Your Content Marketing Goals

    • Measuring Your Progress

  • 3

    Worksheets for Part Two

    • Deciding on Voice, Tone, and Style

    • Showing More Personality in Your Communications

    • Being a Translator, Navigator, and Coach

  • 4

    Worksheets for Part Three

    • Brainstorming for Your Big Picture Communications Timeline

    • Identifying Your Major Story Arcs

    • Knowing Your Core Topics: Your Cheese and Broccoli

    • Deciding on a Reasonable Amount of Content

    • Adding New Ways to Repurpose Your Content

  • 5

    Worksheets for Part Four

    • Using the 6 R's to Create More Relevant Content

    • Getting Creative: 50 Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines

    • Adding Value to Curated Content

    • Exploring Your Metaphor